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Welcome to Rosengård!

Rosengård is a neighborhood in Malmö where many people origin from foreign countries. 86 % of all people are born in a foreign country or have parents who have immigrated to Sweden. Rosengård is a very exposed neighborhood with a high number of unemployment and great alienation. In media it is often described as a troubled neighborhood with a high number of criminality, bad schools and violence.

Author and journalist Lena Friblick wanted to give people another view of Rosengård than the currently dominating one. She wanted to show the good powers and the knowledge and competence that the people of Rosengård had to offer.  This was how “Spices of Rosengård” was founded.



In the summer of 2010, the first season of “Spices of Rosengård” was shown in TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon. During a whole month, viewers could get to know residents from Rosengård and also come into their homes and cook together with them. It became a success! The chef and the host of the show Sadoo Iskandarani showed the viewers a wide range of the world’s different culinary cultures. There are over 150 different nationalities in Rosengård, which led to an international culinary trip in the middle of Sweden.  The TV-show became so popular that another season was filmed and shown in TV4 in December 2010.

Cook book

During the autumn of 2010, the book “Spices of Rosengård” was published. In the book all recipes from the TV-show were found and you could also get to know the people behind the recipes. The person behind the initiative and the whole project was no other than the author and journalist herself, Lena Friblick. All pictures were shot by photographer Jens Nordström. For all good work on “Spices of Rosengård” the publisher and production company Xenofilia was nominated for Malmö city’s price of manifold.  In March 2011, the following book “Spices of Rosengård:sweets” was published. The residents of Rosengård presented recipes of desserts and sweets from all over the world.

The culinary trip

The book and the TV-show got great response from both private persons and companies. Many people requested that the participants of the book would go out and lead cooking classes and tell people some more about “Spices of Rosengård”. To withhold the great work and reputation that the book and the TV-show created the culinary trip “Spices of Rosengård” was founded in May 2011. Within the culinary trip, we work together to sustain and spread joy and inspire more people of our cooking. We offer spice tours, cooking events, courses and custom made events.

Our hope and expectation is to show people the positive power, knowledge and joy of cooking that is carried out in Rosengård. Through food and cooking we can create social meetings for a greater community.

Discover the spices of Rosengård!