Månadsarkiv: september 2012

Status of dogs

Status of dogs in particular, but cats too, has gone way up. That is partly because we don’t have the … Läs vidare

Tuesday was the

For Porsche, Tuesday was the first day of a three day stopover intended to attract potential buyers across Southern California. … Läs vidare

The IEA’s conclusion

The IEA’s conclusion is clear: ‘Ultimately price is not the main driver of unhealthy food consumption’, adding that ‘the popular … Läs vidare

This is not to say

This is not to say there no such thing as a gay friendly Republican. But the party core beliefs are … Läs vidare

Everyone could

Everyone could pile into the family sedan or station wagon, and take in a movie at the Broad Street Drive … Läs vidare

I understand the view

I understand the view that he’s great when he good but a bit one trick when he not, but he … Läs vidare

In these colder months

In these colder months, a lack of sunlight causes vitamin D levels to drop. Deficiency in both vitamin D and … Läs vidare

High and low mixing

High and low mixing. There’s no more pervasive trend in decorating today, and millennials understand it instinctively. ”It’s all about … Läs vidare

tie the pieces together

Keiki collect an ounce of plastic marine debris and tie the pieces together. According to the people who organized the … Läs vidare

The pusher is effectively a felt lined church collection plate on a stick

The pusher is effectively a felt lined church collection plate on a stick, a device once used in small churches … Läs vidare